Bachelor or Master Theses

Master Thesis

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Bachelor Thesis

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Doctoral theses

These doctoral theses have been supervised:



  • M. Sc. Teresa MohrHydrogen Production by Parageobacillus thermoglucosidasius 

  • M. Sc. Carolin Lohmann - Enzymatic Production of Chiral Non-Canonical Amino Acids with Decarbamoylating Enzymes


  • M. Sc. Oswald Florian - Upgrading the toolbox for fermentation of crude syngas: Process characterization for complete carbon usage, cyanide adaption and production of C4 components. 
  • M. Sc. Oliver Buß - ω-Transaminase as Promising Biocatalysts for the Chiral Synthesis of β-Amino Acids 
  • M. Sc. Stefan Dörsam - Evaluation of Renewable Resources as Carbon Sources for Organic Acid Production with Filamentous fungi 


  • M. Sc. Christin Slomka - The Hydantoinase Process – Toward β-Amino Acids and Cell Free Reaction Systems 
  • Sarah Dold -  Enzymatical and Microbial Degradation of β-Amino Acids via Transaminases


  • M. Sc. Johannes Kügler - Screening, production and characterization of extracellular microbial surfactants (2015)
  • M. Sc. Judi Willenbacher - Evaluation of Different Process Strategies for the Production of Surfactin: Investigations on Producer Strains and Conditions (2015)
  • Dipl. Biol. (t.o.) Julia Andre - Immobilization of Trypsin for Peptide Synthesis and Hydrolysis Reactions (2015)


  • Dipl.-Biotechnol. Ines Schulze - Microbial Lipid Production with Oleagineous Yeasts (2014)
  • M. Sc. Martin Pöhnlein - Investigation on the enzymatic Synthesis of novel glycolipids (2014)
  • Dipl. Ing. Marius Henkel - Layered Modeling and Simulation of Complex Biotechnological Processes (2014)


  • Dipl.-Nat. Ulrike Engel - Towards a modified hydantoinase process for the chemoenzymatic production of chiral β-amino acids (2012)
  • Dipl.-Biotechnol. Barbara Hörmann - Herstellung mikrobieller Rhamnolipide mit nicht-pathogenen Stämmen (2012)
  • Dipl.-Biochem. Mareike Perzborn - Mikrobielle und enzymatische Hydrolyse von cyclischen Dipeptiden (Diketopiperazinen) sowie Etablierung von Analysenmethoden zum Nachweis der Edukte und Produkte (2012)
  • Dipl.-Biol. Markus Andre - Chemoenzymatische Herstellung von Peptiden und Acylpeptiden, spektralphotometrische, chromatografische und MALDI/ToF/MS-Analysen der Produkte sowie Charakterisierung der tensidischen Eigenschaften (2012)


  • Dipl.-Biol. (t.o.) Vanessa Walter - New Approaches for the Economic Production of Rhamnolipid Biosurfactants from Renewable Resources (2011)
  • Dipl.-Biotech. Markus Michael Müller - Optimization and Characterization of Microbial Rhamnolipid Production from Renewable Resources (2011)
  • Dipl.-Biol. Katrin Brzonkalik - Process Development for the Production of Alternaria Toxins in a Bioreactor (2011)
  • Dipl.-Geoökol. Birgit Brucher - Novel Transaminases for the Biocatalytic Synthesis of Aromatic β-Amino Acids (2011)


  • Dipl.-Ing. Ivana Magario - Enzyme Reaction Engineering for the Conversion of emulsified Di-Rhamnolipid by free and immobilised Naringinase (2008)
  • Dipl.-Biol. (t.o.) Frank Leitermann - Entwicklung und Optimierung eines biotechnologischen Prozesses zur Herstellung mikrobieller Rhamnolipide auf Basis nachwachsender Rohstoffe (2008)
  • Dipl.-Biol. (t.o.) Ralph Dürr - Screening and Description of Novel Hydantoinases from Distinct Environmental Scources (2008)
  • Dipl.-Biol. Sebastian Rühle - Grundlegende Untersuchungen zur biotechnologischen Kultivierung von Schwämmen – Energiebilanz bei Aplysina aerophoba (2008)


  • Dipl.-Biol. Matthias Voigt - Biotechnologische Methoden zur Kultivierung von Schwämmen (2009)
  • Dipl.-Biol. Andreas Politzer - Nachweis und Identifizierung von Alicyclobacillus sowie weiteren Schadbakterien in Lebensmittelgrundstoffen mittels der Polymerasekettenreaktion (PCR) (2009)


  • Dipl.-Biol. (t.o.) Nadja Schultz - Application of Magnetic Separation Technology for the Recovery and Reuse of Immobilsed Lipase of Candida antarctica A-Type (CALA) (2007)


  • Dipl.-Biol. (t.o.) Karlheinz Bretz - Biomasse Recycling einer Riboflavinfermentation: Lyse, Extraktherstellung und Fermentation (2006)