Specialization Technical Biology

BIW Module 6410/ CIW Module 7410

The Sub-Institute 2 - Technical Biology - of the Institute of Bio- and Food Technology, which belongs to the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering and started its work in August 2003, is responsible for teaching the basic biological subjects in the Bachelor's degree program "Bioengineering" (BIW) and is involved in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs "General Biology" and "Applied Biology". In the Master's programs "Bioengineering" (BIW) and "Chemical Engineering" (CIW), the focus in teaching is on aspects of industrial biotechnology, applied microbiology, industrial genetics and industrial biocatalysis (see below).

Detailed information on the individual courses can be found on the pages of the Faculty of CIW/VT or in our presentation.

From WS 2022/2023
01 Industrial Genetics [22412]NeumannSS2 +16

02 Biotechnological Processes in the Bioeconomy [22401]

SyldatkWS2 + 16
03. Energy carriers from biomass [22320]BajohrWS2 + 16

04. Processes and process chains of renewable

Raw materials [Uni Hohenheim Code 6401-411]

Dahmen, SauerWS/SS2 + 16
05 Thermodynamics of Phase Equilibria [22016]TurkWS2 + 16

06. Supercritical fluids and their applications [22021]

TurkWS2 + 16
07 Environmental Biotechnology [22614]TiehmWS2 + 04
08 Biofilm Systems [22617]Horn, Gescher, Hille-Reichel, WagnerSS2 + 04
09. Biobased plastics [22414]KindervaterWS2 + 04
10. Bioelectrochemistry and biosensors [22708]WörnerWS2 + 04
11. Commercial biotechnology [22413]KindervaterSS2 + 04
12. Bioprocess development [22933]HeadWS2 + 04

Combinations: At least one module from 1 - 4

Examination mode: Oral overall examination of the module combinations. In the module Commercial Biotechnology and in the module Biobased Plastics the examination is written in case of a large number of participants.

Learning Goal: Knowledge and mastery of extended fundamentals as well as selected applications of technical biology.

Workload: 480h