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Die Fakultät und die weiteren Bereiche des Instituts für Bio- und Lebensmitteltechnik

Fakultät für Chemieingenieurwesen und Verfahrenstechnik

Bereich I: Lebensmittelverfahrenstechnik

Bereich II: Technische Biologie

Bereich III: Bioverfahrenstechnik

Welcome to the Chair of Technical Biology

Mitarbeiter 2018

As an important field within biotechnology, the Technical Biology deals with the technical application of biological systems or parts thereof for the purpose of synthesis or conversion. The use of biological systems includes bacteria, yeasts, fungi, algae (as microbial biotechnology), vegetable, animal or human cell cultures (called cell culture technology), and peptides and proteins isolated therefrom or so produced including their  downstream processing and technical applications (eg in enzyme technology, biocatalysis and Biosensors).

The field is of high practical relevance and interdisciplinary by combining elements of  biology, chemistry and process engineering.

Additionally (bio)informatics have gain strong importance since the early 1990ies, when the first complete microbial genome sequences were published, by the use of data banks containing gene and protein sequence informations.