Welcome to the chair of Process Engineering in Life Sciences 2

The Chair of Technical Biology at KIT Campus South was founded in 2003 and has been an independent institute for Process Engeneering in Life Science 2 - Technical Biology (BLT 2 - TeBi) since 2006. In the interdisciplinary cooperation of the three major fields of biology, chemistry and process engineering, Technical Biology at KIT deals with the use of bacteria, yeasts, fungi and enzymes isolated from them for the production of various compounds. Within the scope of the research area Bioeconomics and the necessary shift from fossil to renewable raw materials from fossil to renewable raw materials, which are not in competition with foof and feed, the aim is the development of sustainable biotechnological processes.

Current research topics include (i) investigations on the microbial production of hydrogen as an energy source and (ii) the microbial use of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide (synthesis gas) for the production of alcohol and acetic acid as chemical building blocks. Research is also being conducted on (iii) the microbial production of organic acids as bioplastic building blocks and (iv) high-quality single-cell oils and derived products for dietary supplements. In the field of enzymatic conversion, topics include (v) the synthesis of biosurfactants for use in detergents and cosmetics, and (vi) the production of non-proteinogenic α- and β-amino acids as valuable precursors for pharmaceuticals. 

The focus in teaching is on the education of students in the bachelor's degree in bioengineering (BIW) in the biological and biotechnical basic subjects as well as in the teacher training in science and technology (NWT). In the master programs of the KIT Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering as well as for students in biological and chemical study programs, various compulsory and elective courses on biotechnology topics are offered.

In addition to the integration into national and international projects and projects, cooperations exist, e.g. with China, France and South Africa, close cooperation with other institutes at KIT, with groups within the Helmholtz Association at Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Environmental Research Center (UFZ) in Leipzig, as well as with institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

In addition to microbial and enzyme-technical S1 and S2 laboratories with the corresponding analytics, technical biology also has a fermentation unit for the cultivation and processing of microorganisms and proteins up to the 30-liter scale.



BioHealing PreisverleihungKIT - 20220706-KIT-PRE-010
KIT bottom-up project with TeBi participation receives award

The project "BioHealing - Self-Healing Fuel Cell" is part of the Innovation Campus "Mobility of the Future" ICM of KIT and the University of Stuttgart, funded by the Ministry of Science of the State of Baden-Württemberg in the "Strategy Dialog Automotive Industry".

The basic principle is described in this short VIDEO presented.

This interdisciplinary approach - besides TeBi, the KIT institutes wbk, IOC, IMT, and TFT are involved - reached the 3rd place at the innovation competition NEULAND_2022 in the category "Idea Award" .

On the part of TeBi, PD Dr. Jens Rudat and the master students (bioengineering) Max Bilger and Tom Grünert were involved. All three TeBi researchers are involved in an invention disclosure resulting from the project, which is currently being processed at KIT-IRM.

Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering
Florian Oswald englische SeiteFlorian Oswald Studientag 2019
Dr. Florian Oswald wins Peter and Luise Hager Prize 2018!

Scientific award in the field of chemical engineering and process engineering for outstanding achievements of individual graduates and doctoral students in the field of energy and environmental technology