Practical Training Biotechnology - lab classes for BIW und CIW

Due to the current situation, we have to bring the registration in Illias forward to 07/19/2020! Registration in the CAS by 14.09.2020 at the latest

Dear students,

We are very happy that the internship biotechnology with the parts ET, MAB BAT can take place from October 12th, 2020 to October 30th, 2020 despite the CORONA situation. (Attention appointment was postponed three weeks!)

So that we can plan organizationally, please register for the course in Illias by July 19, 2020, even if the exam results are still pending.

Please note, however, that the prerequisite for later participation in the internship is successful participation in the microbiological internship and passing the bioprocess technique exam!

Furthermore, there is a requirement that all currently applicable Corona hygiene rules must be observed in the internship! That means:

- For space reasons, a maximum of 3 x 16 = 48 participants can be admitted.

- A mouth-nose mask must be used in the building and in the laboratory, the masks being provided by KIT.

- At the beginning and during the internship, all students have to sign the declaration of no suspected infection on a weekly basis.

- If a positive corona test result occurs during the internship among the internship participants, the supervisors or the members of the institute, this must be reported to the internship management immediately to protect all those involved. This process would be treated anonymously, but in this case the entire internship must be terminated with immediate effect due to the risk of infection, all laboratories closed and everyone involved quarantined.

- The remaining internship parts would then be made up for as soon as possible, but at the latest by the end of SS 2021.


Further information:

The internship is carried out in cooperation between the Chair of Technical Biology (enzyme technology and bio-process engineering) and the Chair of Molecular Processing of Bioproducts (processing technology).

The event counts as one unit; the individual departments cannot be visited individually but only in context.

As part of the Bachelor program Bioengineering students are required to complete an internship (lab classes) in the fourth semester in the following areas.  In the summer semester 2020, the internship will take place from October 12, 2020 to October 30, 2020.

• Enzyme Technology
• Biochemical Engineering
• Downstream Processing

The entire internship will take place within three weeks and is carried out by the Department of Technical Biology and the Department of Molecular Separation Engineering (MAB).

The internship periods are listed in the course catalog and will also be published on the website of the Technical Biology.

The central organization of the notification to all three parts of placement is regulated by ILIAS and also in CAS. There you will also find more general information about the lab classes.

Contact the Technical Biology for internships/ lab courses are:

Enzyme Technology: Dr. Katrin Ochsenreither, Dr. Ulrike Engel

Biochemical Engineering: Dr. Anke Neumann, Michaela Kugel

Responible for MAB: Prof. Hubbuch

Praktikum Mikrobiologie

Das Praktikum findet immer im Wintersemester statt. Es ist in zwei einwöchige Prakikumswochen unterteilt. An welcher Woche Sie nach Anmeldung teilnehmen können, entscheidet sich nach dem Eingangskolloquium.

Das Mikrobiologische Praktikum findet vom 28.03.2022 bis 08.04.2022 statt. Bitte beachten Sie: Der Anmeldeschluss im CAS ist der 14.03.2022 um 8:00 Uhr. Bitte melden Sie sich zusätzlich umgehend im ILIAS-Kurs des Praktikums an um weitere Informationen zu erhalten. Das Passwort zum ILIAS-Kurs erhalten Sie im Sekretariat der Technischen Biologie oder von Herrn Dr. Jens Rudat.