Subject "Technical Biology" for Master Biology students

We offer Master Biology students a complete subject with a total of two research modules and one project module.

For your information, the internship module has been changed. The individual parts no longer all take place in the summer semester in a three-week overall internship, but have been divided into the individual internship components which take place partly in the summer semester (ET and MAB) and partly in the winter semester (ET).

In SS 2022, the ET and the MAB part of the internship will take place in the research module M9203 (altogether consisting of bioprocess engineering (BVT), enzyme technology (ET) and reprocessing technology (MAB) from Monday the 19.09.2022 up to and including Monday the 10.10.2022.

The BVT part will take place in the winter semester 2022/2023 from 13.03.2023 to 31.03.2023. Please register as soon as the course is available in CAS and in ILIAS. (Please be sure to check our internship page!).


You can find more information about each of the modules we offer on the Biology homepage.

You are welcome to download a certificate with an overview of the modules to be completed or their composition. These differ for masters who have studied "Applied Biology" or "Biology" in the bachelor.

Certificate for completion of the modules - formerly "Bachelor Applied Biology

Certificate for completion of the modules - former "Bachelor Biology